What features would you most like to see in ArchimedesMB

Damage Stability
45% (33 votes)
Improved Native Reporting
1% (1 vote)
Load Cases and GZ Curves
29% (21 votes)
Modelling of Tanks
21% (15 votes)
Simple Time Domain Flooding Simulation
4% (3 votes)
Total votes: 73



Hi, I just want to comment regarding the unit of s.w. density at the hydrostatic table in archimedes mb. 63.989 Te/cu.mtr. suppose to be 63.9 te/cu.ft. and you cannot place the constant no. under metric table system and one more thing the TPI column it should be TPcm.

Please correct me if Im wrong with my comments. Thank you for your time. God bless.


Engr. Dennis Sianghio

SW Density & Hydrostatics

Hi Dennis,

Thanks your comments above and can respond as follows:

Density of displacing fluid is user defined and if you have an alternative value you wish to use then you can change. Please post if you are not sure how.

With regard to acronym used for "Tonnes per cm Immersion" I have used "TPI" however I have also seen "TPIcm" and "TPcm" also used. Will put an addendum in the next issue of the manual to clarify.

Best Regards and thanks for feedback. Very much appreciated.

Site Admin
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Based on your reply to my comment, how can i change the value of salt water density.

I really admired archimedes MB because it is a user-friendly software and it is free but if you could somehow create additional feature like providing statical stability curve and stability computations it would make archimedes MB one of the most complete and powerful marine software.

Thank you for making your software free to all that makes our work easier and faster without spending too much money. I really admire your group and even makers of freeship software. I wish this software would stay free to all.

Thanks and God bless.


Changing Density

Hi Dennis,

Changing density is very easy. At the moment the editable entities are clickable in the inspector tree on the left hand side. Simply click on default value for density, type in a new one and hit enter to accept the change (see attached image).

Editing Density
Editing Density

I say "at the moment" because I may change this in the future to make a double click bring up a conteXt sensitive editor, eg double clicking density will show a simple dialog box to enter new float value, but double clicking a section or tank will display completely different dialog boxes. Please let me know what you think.

I intend to create a series of video tutorials to help new users find their way around the software.

With regard to your question on statical stability curves and load case balancing, this is almost complete (see Development Blog for more details).

Finally thanks for your kind comments and I hope you continue to get use from the software and remember to post on the forum news of work you are doing with the package.

Best regards