Hi, We have ongoing barge conversion project from 1000DWT to 1500DWT. Existing particulars are the following: L.O.A=140' B= 40 DEPTH=10.5'. The vessel is a hatch type barge to be converted to deck type barge. I have two options; option#1- lengthen it by 30', so total LOA is 170' or option#2-lengthen it by 20' and widen it by 6'. I've already computed its preliminary stability, fortunately based on my computation, the vessel is safe.

Is there anyone who could give me other helpful computations to determine its stability? I've rather choose option#1 because of m
inimal conversion. Am I right with my decison? Is the vessel still safe without widening it?

For your info:
My results in my computation are the ff:
1. BMT=15.68'
2. KM=21.1'
3. Cw=.9636
4. kg=7'
5. KB=5.5'

Please correct me if I'm wrong.

Hoping any immediate response on this matter. Thanks


Dennis Sianghio