Eumedes, Archimedes II

Dear John,

regarding my KMT problem I have send you my model by e-mail. I hope you have received it.

But that`s not the reason why I contact you again.
The reason is that I have the source code and user manuel from the programs EUMEDES and ARCHIMEDES II from the university of Hamburg. It was made by Prof. H. Söding in Sept. 2001. I got the program (source code, Fortan 77) from himself and the program is free, so there are no problems with the copyright.

With the program you can make all naval architecture calculations.
The program is designed for determining form data, righting levers, equilibrium floating conditions, tank volumes and "longitudinal strength (shear force and bending moment along hull girder)of intact and damaged ships, offshore structures, or their holds or compartements, of any other volumes. The program can also simulate the successive flooding of damaged ships. The program purpes corresponds largely to that of the older program "Archimedes 76".

I work with the older version Archimedes 76. The disadvantage of the program is, that it is very user unfriendly. You have to work on MS-Dos level. It is not very comfortable. Archimedes MB is much more better.

So my idea is, that it maybe could be helpful for you to have the source code for combing the advantages from both programs.

If you are interst in the program I will send it to you by e-mail.

Best regards

Archimedes by Prof. H. Södingn

Hi Rüdiger,
I was interested to read your message, as I came across this site whilst searching for a copy of the Prof. H. Södingn ARCHIMEDES program. The book 'Ship Hydrostatics and Stabilty' by Adrian Biran makes mention of the software hence my interest.

Regrettably, I could find no other link to this software on the Internet. Is it possible that I could get a copy of the source code (or executable) and the manual.

Please feel free to contact me at my e-mail address:



Hi Rudiger i'm interested me

Hi Rudiger
i'm interested me too for my own.


Dear Rüdiger,

Thanks for your offer and would gladly speak to you about this. Did not know there was another Archimedes out there, but not surprising I suppose!!.

Best Regards


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