I'm new on the use of the program so....
How can I add physical properties to an appendage, i.e. the weight of a bulb or a keel or a mast?

Thank you in advance



Hi there and welcome Corrado.

The next release of Archimedes will allow you to enter a set of cogs (VCG, TCG, LCG) and displacement and the program will balance this out to a trim, draft and heel condition.

Once this is stable and working the next release after that will have a spreadsheet style system for adding individual weight conditions and seperate entities.

Any special features/uses you would like to see?

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new release

Hi Jamac
Very good software. I use Freeship and Archimedes .
Of course the world is not perfect and Archimedes have not damage stability calcul.....Perharps in this new release

Good job