ArchimedesMB Development Blog

This is a new thread in the forum to keep users and others interested in the development of Archimedes up to date with what is happening during apparent long periods of inactivity.

Removed the "Add Offset" entry in the offsets popup menu. All driven from the "Insert Offest". Inserting with the first offset selected adds to the end.

Also fixed an error which occured with certain models where negative volumes resulted from inaccurate detection of keel line crossing points.

Load balancing working in a rudimentary form as well.


Load Balancing and Cross Curves

Load balancing routine has been improved and closer to working for full 360 deg of heel and trim.

Before next release, want this to be as robust as possible and handle any combination of VCG/TCG/LCG and balance quickly and accurately.

Working reasonably well but can do with further speed improvements. It has thrown an issue with the balancing of displacements at extreme trims. The maximum and minimum z values are incorrectly reported at extreme trims and so affects the starting point for displacement calculation routine.

Also fixed some annoying bugs in the user interface and error reporting to let the user know when the software gets input it does not like. This always annoys me about other software I use and so no excuse to have it in mine.

Please tell me what annoys you about the software so I can catch all gripes.